The Equine Experience

At Trinity Farm, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the positive impact that a horse can have. Whether you are a child with whimsical dreams, an adult looking for a new activity, or a former rider wanting to get back into the excitement of the equine world, Trinity Farm is the place for you.



Trinity Farm is located on 24 acres in the heart of Lakeland, TN. We’re five minutes off of I-40, 10 minutes from the Wolfchase area, 15 minutes from Cordova, Bartlett, or Arlington, and 20-30 minutes from east Memphis and Midtown, making us a convenient drive from wherever you are in the greater Memphis area.


Trinity Farm Staff

Get to know us!

Poppy & Jason Doyle – Owners

Poppy began riding at the age of nine, with a set of nine lessons for her birthday, and hasn’t looked back since. She spent her adolescent years as a groom on the local rated circuit, then progressed to teaching lessons for several regional trainers. Now, with almost 20 years of training and teaching experience, Poppy draws on her plethora of knowledge to create well-rounded, mindful riders of all ages who are passionate about horses and riding. To contact Poppy, you can email her directly at pdoyle(@)trinityfarmtn.com, call 901-867-8682, or use the contact form below to send her a message.

Jason grew up on a working cattle farm and began working with horses at the age of 12, doing odd jobs at a local barn. Years later, he progressed to managing the facility maintenance and hauling horses to competitions nationwide. In addition to being the co-owner of Trinity Farm in this wife/husband duo, he puts his extensive knowledge of both the horse and security businesses to use as the facility manager, safeguarding horse, rider, and property against fire and theft. He also serves as the barn’s driver when it comes to hauling to shows. To contact Jason, you can email him directly at jdoyle(@)trinityfarmtn.com, call 901-867-8682, or use the contact form below to send him a message.

Jenna McNair – Instructor

Jenna began riding at the age of eight and has been volunteering with various therapeutic horseback riding and hippotherapy programs since 2001. She began teaching therapeutic riding lessons at Kopper Top Life Learning Center (Liberty, NC) in 2007 and received her PATH Int’l. (formerly NARHA) therapeutic riding instructor certification in 2010. As a current PATH Int’l. instructor, Jenna’s goal is to encourage independent riding skills to the greatest extent possible for each rider – and to have fun while doing so! At Trinity Farm, Jenna conducts the lessons for the beginner riders as well as the therapeutic riding lessons and fills in for Poppy as needed. To contact Jenna, you can email her directly at jmcnair(@)trinityfarmtn.com, call 901-867-8682, or use the contact form below to send her a message.