Our Favorite Places to Visit

Trinity Farm is proud to be the founding partner program for the ECHO Foundation and hosts the ECHO Herd. ECHO (Equine Communication Helping Others) is a 501(c)3 charitable giving organization, registered in Tennessee, which seeks to enable individuals to experience the full breadth of horsemanship education, training, careers and skills building who could not otherwise afford to do so. ECHO also provides support for training or re-education of horses to be used in the therapy lessons and team building.

Local Businesses That We Support

Collierville Saddlery

Saddles ‘N Such

Vernon Farms

Resource Solutions, Inc

Lakeland Leatherworks

MidSouth Horse Review

Wallybird Photography

MegFord Design

Preferred Vendors

Equine Vet Associates

Donnie and Chris Taylor (farrier)

Dale Schneider (Dvm/chiro/acupuncture)

Ron Lewis (licensed human and equine massage therapist)

Allison Hay Farms