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Warning: Under Tennessee Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting form inherent risk of equine activities pursuant to TSA, Title 33 Chapter 20. Signing and presenting this form shall be deemed acceptance of the above terms in agreement to comply with the rules and regulations listed on the class schedule and on this entry form.


Schooling Show Rules
  • All riders are required to wear certified helmets and hard soled shoes when mounted.
  • A Beginner is any rider (adult or child) who is in the first two years of showing.
  • The Children/Adult section is for those who have not competed in an “A” rated division in an "A" show in the last five years.
  • O/F: means “over fences” (jumping class)
  • U/S: means “under saddle” (flat class walk, trot and/or canter judged heavily on how the rider makes the horse move through the different gates being judged).
  • Eq: means “Equitation” (the judge looks at the rider's position while on the flat and over fences. The rider is judged in equitation and not the horse..
  • Judge my ride: Is a ribbonless ride, where the judge will provide the rider feedback on what they saw during the ride.
Classes are $15, except for Judge My Ride which is $25. Core show classes will be selected by your instructor. Fun class participation are up to the riders.