Status Task Name Due Priority Assigned Notes Actions
Digitize Rides August 21, 2014 Normal Jenna

Digitize the rides curriculum.

Website – Camp October 15, 2014 Normal Mandy

Create a view (update the form) similar to the Farrier record page, where a reminder can be sent regarding camp information.

GQ Teeth floating September 30, 2014 Normal Poppy
Website – Event form and view creation August 15, 2014 Normal Mandy

Create a form where events can be entered. Create a view with a parameter of greater than NOW to show all up-coming events. Will not display past events.

Website – Update Intake Form August 1, 2014 Normal Mandy

Add a supplement section that tracks what supplements, how much, and something else.

Website – Create a view where a logged in user can see horse information and lesson information July 31, 2014 Normal Mandy
Website – Create an owner’s view of horses July 31, 2014 Normal Mandy

Create view where owner can see information regarding horse

Website – Create a vet form for horse July 31, 2014 Normal Mandy