We are pleased to welcome several new partnerships here at Trinity Farm. Congrats to all of our new leases! We wish you the best as you start your new journey together.

Allison and Gidget

Allison just moved to Memphis and fell in love with Gidget! Gidget seems to enjoy her, too. They have great fun jumping together, and Allison is the right rider to bring Gidget along as she starts her hunter career. Thanks to Kathleen and Vivi for letting Allison lease Gigdet.


Gina and Alex

Gina was looking for a horse to help build her confidence and introduce her to rated shows over the next year. Thanks to Melissa Garner, Gina has the opportunity to ride and show Avant Garde, or Alex, as he’s known around the barn. They have already had great success in their first two shows together, and we can’t wait to see what else they will accomplish.

20130824_JMM_00078  20130824_JMM_00089  

Rachel and Doc

Rachel has been riding Doc for the past year, and they decided to make their partnership official this month! Doc loves Rachel, and she returns the favor by taking absolutely superb care of him. He lights up whenever they jump a course together; maybe we will see them at a schooling show or two this year?

20130120_JMM_00158   rachel and doc