Pony Club Update

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This past weekend several riders from Trinity Farm competed in the West Tennessee Pony Club show held at the Germantown Charity Horse Show Arena. With a whole aisle (a TF first!) dedicated to our horses, Trinity Farm was well represented in quite a few classes on Friday and Saturday. We are extremely proud of everyone who showed–to do so takes a tremendous amount of courage–and hope that it helped each and every rider grow.

Special kudos go to our three first timers: Sharon Nichols, Mandy Stagg, and Gidget (she may be a horse, but it still counts!). Welcome to the crazy world of hurry-up-and-wait!

Now that we’ve set the standard of a whole aisle at the shows, we hope to see you all at Alderwood in Novemeber.

(Thanks to Jenna McNair for the gorgeous pictures. Check out the rest on her Facebook albums.)

Trinity Farm Tagline/Motto Contest

Here at TF we are constantly looking for ways to improve, whether its our riding form, our barn, or our image. Currently, we’re working on better branding the farm and getting ourselves out there marketing-wise. Because we work so closely with our riders, supporters, and boarders, we thought it would be fun to hold a contest to help in our marketing plans. The contest is pretty simple: Create a motto or a tagline for Trinity Farm. The person with the winning entry will live on farm history. Not good enough? Well, to sweetend the pot, s/he will also be receiving a $50 gift certificate to SmartPak.

To participate, please leave a comment on this blog post with your name and the motto(s) you’d like to submit. Paricipants can enter more than once as long as they are entering a NEW motto.

Please make sure that all taglines/mottos are original. No stealing other people’s work–that would defeat the purpose.

The contest will run until October 31 and the winner will be announced at the farm show in Novemember (date TBD).

Have fun and be creative! We’re looking forward to seeing your entries.