Teambuilding @ Trinity Farm

Customizeable Sessions

Our equine-based team building sessions provide equine interactions both on and off the horse, stimulating personal growth and development for each participant. Team building sessions are customized to meet the needs of each group and focus on identified strengths and weaknesses. Tailor your time to fit your group’s needs with two hour, half day, or full day experiences.

Non-Verbal Communication is Paramount

We guide your group through a series of exercises that build on basic concepts and then progress to developing communication, teamwork, and leadership. From catching a horse in the field to riding it though an obstacle course, your team learns how to work together using multiple forms of communication when the medium of speech is not enough. What seems impossible at first feels natural by the end of our team building sessions!

A Non-Traditional Experience

Send your work, church, or school group to one of Trinity Farm’s team building sessions!

Have fun interacting with our equine partners while improving your group’s communication and interpersonal skills. Utilize the horse’s herd instincts to learn about:

  • Leadership
  • Body language and effective communication
  • Group cooperation
  • Confidence and self-esteem

View our printable team building flyer.

What happens in a session?

Your team building session starts with introductions to our staff, the horses and the facility.

A two-hour team building session consists of two to three brief exercises with the horses that build on each other; a debrief, discussion, and snacks complete the session.

Day long sessions start with coffee and breakfast in the morning and allow for more intense interactions and activities, as well as one-on-one time with our staff (human and equine) as needed.

Flexible and adaptable, our sessions can accommodate the needs of all your team members, whether they use alone time to process information or need to be going and doing all day long! Drinks, snacks, and meals (as appropriate) are provided throughout the day. We also have heated and air-conditioned spaces for those who need a comfortable break.

Leave the beaten path behind!

Ready to explore a fun, new way to connect with your team? We’re rearin’ and ready to help you plan your unique team building outing.

Why Horses?

Horses have no agenda. They don’t care about our power, position, title, degree, or income bracket. They sense our basic self-truth and give us the chance to learn in a way that is profoundly different from how we learn in our relationships with people. Horses are much bigger than we are; we cannot force them into doing what we want with brute strength.

Rather, we must convince them to work in partnership with us, using their language. As we interact with horses, we ask them to trust us and work against their natural instincts; in return, we must leave behind our preconceptions and emotions. Horses respond to what is happening now, to what is being communicated with our bodies, whether that is confidence or fear. They do not hold grudges, pass judgement, or have unreasonable expectations. They echo our actions, both conscious and subconscious.

Successful interaction with horses requires being present in the moment, communicating clearly, and having thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are consistent. “Putting on a happy face” when we are angry, afraid, or frustrated does not work with horses – we have to learn how to set aside what we bring with us emotionally and work together.