Life moves fast, but around Trinity Farm it moves at the speed of light! In case you missed some of this weekend’s news-worthy highlights, here’s a recap to catch you up.

Horse Show Palooza

This weekend was the third Meg Ford  schooling show at the Germantown Charity Arena. After a year of re-conditioning and playing catch up in the saddle, Stacie Ann Mosley made a successful showing debut on O’Cyrus, competing in the 2’6” jumper’s course on Friday night! She had two clean rounds. Congrats, Stacie! 

Tara Van Cleave and Moose both debuted on Saturday, in the pouring rain no less. Both horse and rider powered through the course, heedless of the weather (and those scary Moose-eating-umbrellas!), and jumped a clean warm-up round. We all knew Moose had it in him, but it was still quite something to see him in action. We were all very proud!

This weekend will feature a different set of Trinity Farm horses and riders at the Charity Arena as Molly Martin, Shana Beyer, Stephanie Barry and Heather Bell gear up for the TN Hunter Jumper Classic. Good luck!

For a list of future upcoming shows, visit our Show Schedule page.

Pictures/video to come later!


Jenna McNair was admitted into the hospital on Saturday and is slated to have surgery this morning or sometime today to have her gallbladder removed. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery!

A New Face

If you happen to see a big chestnut who looks a little like Doc’s long lost brother that would be our new guest, Graham. Graham is a six-year-old thoroughbred who retired from the racetrack sometime earlier in the year. Currently, he’s hanging out between Chip and Dora, so be sure to stop by and say hello. According to Molly, he seems to be a bit of health buff (gotta keep that racetrack physique), so he only eats carrots. I’m sure we’ll change his mind eventually. 😉