Ever wondered how we operate at Trinity Farm? Wonder no more!  Although every week is different, Saturdays are always busy and filled with fun. Here’s a snapshot of a typical Trinity Farm Saturday —  because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Enjoy!


Two female riders next to each other - dark bay gelding on left, chocolate bay mare with blaze on right.

Kathleen and Elizabeth, two of our adult re-riders, enjoy a fun and laid back early morning lesson. Want to get back into the saddle after a few years (or more) hiatus – or always wanted to learn and never had the chance?  We have several awesome groups of adult riders at all experience levels!

Young girl in helmet riding a chestnut pony.

Enjoying an intermediate group lesson on BonBon – a small pony mare with lots of heart.

Girl leading gelding. Gelding rolling on his back in the arena.

One of our riders takes Doc for a stroll and roll after a few days of stall rest. Can we say “Happy, dirty horse!”?

Grey mare looking over the top of a fence. Two paint gelding eating a large round hay bale.

Grace enjoys her early morning turn-out, while two of the boys stuff their faces with hay. Each horse gets day or night time turnout (or more if needed), with round bales in every paddock. Yummy!


Palomino quarter horse in English tack next to mounting block.

Boarders take advantage of the lovely weather for a weekend ride. It’s getting cold, so we take advantage of the sun when we can!

Rider cantering gelding to the left.

Lesson horses that aren’t having their day off or being used in a lesson get a light hack. There are more than enough horses to exercise if you want to ride outside of your regular lesson – but you might still get a scolding from Poppy if you start posting on the wrong diagonal!

Grey tabby cat lying on the ground against a fence. Australian shepherd lying against fence. Boxer dog looking into the camera.

Bitty enjoys lazing in the sun, while Jessie and Cakes keep watchful eyes on the lessons. Although Jessie and Cakes are definitely the top dogs on the farm, Bitty acts more like a dog than a cat most of the time – make sure to guard your food from her sneaky paws!

Liam and his dad pet Micah after a great lesson while his leader looks on. Many of our boarders and riders are also trained as leaders and sidewalkers for the therapeutic riding lessons. We greatly appreciate all they do.

Three of our riders hanging out after lessons. Most days, you are guaranteed to find someone to chat with if you want to put off homework or chores for a little bit longer —  and to give you a ride home if you can convince the parents to leave without you. Sleepovers at the barn are also a great favorite, particularly the night before a show!


We always have fun sitting next to the ring and observing the rest of the afternoon lessons – a great way to improve our own riding skills and knowledge.

One of our beginners is all smiles after jumping for the first time ever! She had a whole crowd of supporters to cheer her and Charlie on.


Two of our aspiring show jumpers enjoy a lesson with a guest instructor. Primarily a hunter barn, we regularly bring in trainers in other disciplines, including dressage and show jumping, to make sure that our riders are as well rounded and confident as possible.


Jacob and Meredith finish up the long day with another group lesson and some fun over a triple gymnastic line before the jumps get their bi-weekly course change – tomorrow is a new day!


Hope you enjoyed a small view of our life at Trinity Farm!