Fundraise Information

Molly Martin is participating in a fundraiser to help raise money to help pay for Calvary Church’s summer mission trip to Rwanda. She is selling plates of BBQ for $8. Each plate will include: “Jumbo BBQ sandwich with homemade sauce, slaw, chips, and a cookie.”

The fundraiser will run from now (Oct 4) until Wednesday, October 24th. All payment is due by October 24 (checks should be made to Calvary Church). Customers can pick up their orders on November 2 and are encouraged to send a text message to (901) 896-4078 fifteen minutes prior to pickup. A business that buys ten or more plates can have their plates delivered free of charge on November 2.

If you would like to buy a plate or would like more information, please see Molly. 

Halter TLC

Your horse’s halter–it’s not the first piece of equipment that springs to mind when one thinks “Oh, I think I’ll clean my tack today.” In fact, most of us probably don’t ever think much about the state of our horse’s halter(s). Except for when the nameplate is coming undone. But think about it: Would you leave your expensive saddle out all night in the rain? Probably not. But if you did, you’d probably hurry to the tack room to rub it down with some oil to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. And yet we don’t think twice about the elements our leather halters are exposed to.

So, this week when you’re at the barn, be sure to give your halter some TLC, too, when you clean your tack. Clean the grit and dust off with saddle soap and then rub some oil into the leather to help restore its natural suppleness.

Not only will a well-maintained halter give make your horse look good, but it will last you for years to come.

Miscellaneous Barn Items

The horsemanship class will be held Oct. 14. Time and location TBD.

There is a tagline contest going on until Oct. 31. Winner will receive a $50 gift card to SmartPak.