20140621_JMM_00024 We had a great experience at the MegFord Schooling Show in June, with a dozen riders schooling or competing.  Several first timers participated, along with the usual crew, and despite some nerves, we brought home a respectable showing of ribbons. Everyone, kids and adults, did us proud, and we can’t wait til the next one in August!


20140621_JMM_00018 20140621_JMM_00145

Sharon brought home the blue on Murphy at her first horse show in several years!


20140621_JMM_00049 20140621_JMM_00031

Mandy and Chip enjoyed several successful rounds in the 2’3″ hunters.

20140621_JMM_00035 20140621_JMM_00036

Red was a wonderhorse, taking care of Zuzu for her first show off the farm, and being his usual awesome self with Sarah, one of his owners; he had lots of ribbons to decorate his stall when he got home.


20140621_JMM_00081 20140621_JMM_00070

Emily and Teddy were fantastic in the cavaletti and lead line classes!

20140621_JMM_00114 20140621_JMM_00118

Doc proved once again that at age 27, he can still compete with the best of them. Emma Grace was calm, cool, and collected in her second MegFord.


Kim and Hooper had so much fun. He’s enjoying being back in the ring, and Kim loves him!

See you next month!