Max & Flynn Ryder from Disney’s Tangled occasionally experience Monday Madness too.

Good morning everyone!  As part of our new blog schedule, we will attempt to send out all Trinity Farm announcements and pertinent information for the week every Monday morning. Hopefully, it will help make the start of your week a bit brighter!


First off, congratulations to one of our therapeutic riding volunteers, Andrea Jernigan, who has been accepted into the dual physical and occupational therapy program at St. Augustine University in FL. Not only has she been working very hard for this for several years, but she is also excited to report that they have a hippotherapy certification there! Although we will miss her, we are very excited for her as well and wish her the best of luck.

Winter Camp

Winter Camp is here! On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we will be having Winter Camp. There will be activities for beginner to intermediate riders, divided by skill level, and include teaching some needed skills like braiding, basic leg wrapping, etc . It is not too late to sign up, especially if you are one of our intermediate riders (intermediate meaning walk, trot, canter and jumping)!  Also, we are still looking for a few adult/high school volunteers to help with the camp. If you are interested, please email Poppy at pdoyle@trinityfarmtn.com.

Open House

Everyone is invited to Trinity Farm’s Open House this Saturday, December 22nd, from 3-5. The barn will be decorated, a bonfire will be lit, treats will be eaten, horses will be dressed up (don’t forget to plan your horse’s costume) – and Santa may even be making an appearance! Please feel free to bring family and friends – after all, the more’s the merrier, and we’re all for being merry, especially this time of year. We may even have a “Best Decorated Stall” contest!

Winter Weather Reminders (as always, if something is unclear, ask!):

  • Unconditioned leather can dry out and crack in the winter; remember to condition it as well as clean it – no one wants a broken piece of tack while riding!  If you don’t know the difference between saddle soap and conditioner or what brand to use, please ask.
  • If your horse is body clipped or doesn’t grow a lot of winter coat, be aware of the temperature – warm up with a cooler, quarter the horse with the blanket on to groom, etc.
  • Take some time to stretch your horse before riding and plan for a longer warm-up and cool down – particularly if you’re riding one of our older gentlelmen or lady.
  • Periodically set your horse’s blankets inside out on the fenceline or the posts by the outside crossties to air out.  If it is particularly wet and muddy, it may have to be washed.
  • With the wet weather, please be very vigilant about picking all of the mud out of their feet, before and after you ride, and dry off their legs if wet.