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March 23, 2013
First Class begins promptly at 9:00 AM

Handy Horse and Rider Division

MegFord 11.12-30

1. Walk/Trot (optional) Equitation on the Flat

Judges the equitation (form and effectiveness) of the riders at the walk with an optional trot.

2).Walk/Trot (optional) U/S with Obstacles

Judges the manner and going of the horse through an obstacle course that includes poles, circles, and halts with a trot option.

Fun Classes

MegFord 11.12-43

A. Pairs Obstacle Challenge

A horse and rider pair complete the obstacle course holding a length of tissue paper between them without breaking the tissue paper. The pair that completes the most obstacles in best form without breaking the tissue paper wins. Pairs must be approved by Poppy prior to the class.

B. Easter Egg Drop

Riders will hold an egg in a spoon (both provided by Trinity Farm) while performing at gaits called by ringmaster. The last person that remains holding their egg on a spoon wins the cash! $5 cash required.


Pot Luck Lunch/Show Prep Talk/Horse Show Basics

We invite everyone, young and old, who will be competing this year or who is considering competing in the future to attend lunch.


Child/Adult Hunter

MegFord 11.12-10

3. Child/Adult Hunter U/S

Walk/trot/canter under saddle flat class.

4. Child/Adult Hunter 2′-2’3″ O/F

Child/adult hunter course over fences.

5. Child/Adult Hunter 2′-2’3″ O/F

Child/adult hunter course over fences.

6. Open Equitation O/F

Child/adult hunter course over fences.



Trinity Farm Schooling Show Rules

  • All riders are required to wear certified helmets and hard soled shoes when mounted.
  •  Classes in the Handy Horse and Rider may be split into groups depending on number of riders and the horses used.
  •  The Children/Adult section is for those who have not competed in an “A” rated division in an “A” show in the last five years.
  • O/F: means “over fences” (jumping class)
  • U/S: means “under saddle” (flat class walk, trot and/or canter judged heavily on how the rider makes the horse move through the different gates being judged).


$25.00  Deposit Required