Our first ever Winter Camp was a great success!  With campers age 4-19, we rode, crafted, baked, and met Santa, giving all the parents a few days off.

20121222_JMM_00087  537700_4223627398111_795173299_n

Even though it was windy outside, we were cozy in the barn!

20121221_JMM_00073 20121221_JMM_00075

Everyone learned how to groom and lead their horses.

314610_4228186872095_395007773_n 20121222_JMM_00154

We got to practice leading over an obstacle course,


had a horseless horse show,

20121222_JMM_00122 20121222_JMM_00121

and all enjoyed getting to ride every day.

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And playing with our new friends.

20121222_JMM_00110 20121222_JMM_00103 20121222_JMM_00115

Mickey, our new pony, was the star of the show – and a good sport, too!

20121222_JMM_00169 20121222_JMM_00153 20121222_JMM_00135

We had a fiercely competitive grooming contest – just look at those braids –

 407254_4231906045072_1610156847_n      46373_4231907805116_689364895_n

and a decorating contest for the stalls.

20121222_JMM_00102 20121222_JMM_00098

In some cases, the decorating was a family affair!

20121222_JMM_00104 20121222_JMM_00162

S’mores at the bonfire were a big hit, especially as the sun started to go down.

20121222_JMM_00117 20121222_JMM_00149 20121222_JMM_00138

And then Santa came to visit!

20121222_JMM_00094 20121222_JMM_00159

Everyone got to meet him, even the horses!

20121222_JMM_00146 20121222_JMM_00172

Piper says Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Trinity Farm! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers, parents and campers for a fantastic first annual Winter Camp!