The 21st century conundrum – you wear your wonderfully warm riding gloves to the barn but have to take them off to answer your smartphone (this is when those of us with smartphones envy those of you with feature phones!). What to do? Fortunately, several companies have come up with a solution! While gloves for smartphone users do exist, they aren’t always the best choice for something to ride in as well. Ovation has come up with a $20 pair of gloves that are made for riders and smartphone capable: http://www.ovationriding.com/gloves/ovation-smarttap-winter-fleece-glove-468423

While a bit bulky, they are useable with the phone. I wouldn’t want to edit a blog entry on them, but for answering a call or sending a short text, they are perfectly adequate. One nice feature is that they are a bit longer on the wrist than other mid-weight winter riding gloves, to tuck under your jacket sleeve, and were plenty grippy when holding on to the reins. The gloves were toasty warm on days that were mid-30’s or higher, but they weren’t quite as warm at freezing or below – liners or a thicker pair of gloves are needed for lower temperatures. At this point, they have held up to light use.

UPDATE: After 4 rides, the part of the glove on the fingers that lets you use them with the smartphone has started rubbing off. Whether this is typical, or just a bad pair, I can’t say. Buy at your own risk.

Other smartphone capable glove options:


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